The Urge

The Urge

The UrgeThe UrgeThe Urge

The Urge

A Devil's Rules Series Novel

Who is more evil, the pedophile or the killer of pedophiles?  


The terror was the theft of childhood innocence. It tore the center out of Woody and Vette, and changed their destiny. The terror was also the taking of seven-year-old Alice’s life in the cruelest way possible, leaving eight-year-old Betty alive to remember the nightmare of her friend’s kidnapping and death by a serial killer.

In The Urge, the families move on but their lives are forever entwined. They know monsters aren't  under the bed. Monsters live in the car parked outside their house. They hide behind the bedroom door. They wear white masks. 

The serial pedophile continues undetected. One by one. Year after year. He’s right in front of them but somehow invisible. The serial killer now lives in prison, sending letters to Betty, the one that got away. Somebody has to confront them.


Someone does.

He calls himself the Good Samaritan, but he’s a killer, too. He kills the worst of the worst, the convicted sex offenders whose targets are children. The Good Samaritan thinks he’s doing the world a favor by removing them forever. But it’s a conundrum. The damage has already been done.

Take a trip through the minds of the killers, the victims, and the pedophiles. All those twisted from childhood will twist together in the end. Read The Urge to find out how.

The soul of the psychological thriller, The Urge, is LUST.

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Current Reviews of The Urge

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Selling Author, Les Roberts -WOW! It was amazing to watch the characters grow---and often fall apart. This is truly well-done, written with power and care, and is a smashing intro to the series. I look forward to the next one. Thanks for letting me experience this.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Selling Author, Jackie Barrett - I read this book twice!! It’s well written and kept me on the edge of my seat. The characters and plot take you down a dark road you want more of! I highly recommend this book can’t wait for more from the author.

5.0 out of 5 stars Best Selling Author, Richard HaddenA really good read. What I liked most about the book: the pace - moves along well; the characters - you really care about the good ones, and feel great disdain for the bad ones; really good the way the various stories intertwine, and meet up again throughout the book. I don't ever read a book in one sitting. With this one, though, I kept wanting to get back to it at every opportunity. It deals with a horrific subject, but does so with sensitivity, and at the same time, realism. 

5.0 out of 5 stars The Urge Exciting Psychological Thriller!

The impact of the first chapter is chilling! As a reader I am hooked, the author’s attention to detail and forensics knowledge leads the reader right into the underbelly of the crime with her exquisite scene setting. I could not stop turning the pages, immediately I am ensconced in caring deeply about the characters she has written. Ms. Gibson gives the reader a full sense of the utter depravity of each of the situations the main characters Woody and his sister Vette go through. This prompts us to root emotionally for the choices that the young character Woody makes as he justifies his secrets. There are many twists and turns and without giving away too much in this review, it is a unique brand of justice served as cute as a breakfast muffin could get. The book will take you through the years in the lives of Woody and Vette as they grow up and face their pasts. This complex psychological thriller will keep you guessing as Ms. Gibson skillfully takes us on the journey until the satisfying end. You will agree The Urge is a stellar debut novel, and I cannot wait for CL Gibson to continue to add to her “The Devil’s Rules” series - Mary Caliendo

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent book, Excellent author

Intriguing from the start. Can’t put it down! – Kevin A. Scott

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The Devil's Rules Series - Psychological Thriller

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Each of the novels in The Devil's Rules series is a standalone book that may be read in any order you wish.  

They're bound together by the Devil's game, where the rules to win are to endure each of the seven deadly sins. 


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The Grudge

When the prey becomes the predator.

A Devil's Rules Series Novel​

Coming Soon

It’s 1978. In a Victorian mansion, sixty miles west of Chicago, police find a suicide note and two dead. Nothing is removed, except the bodies. The house is sealed tight, like a coffin locking the remains of their domestic violence inside.

Eighteen years have passed, and now Clarissa, the daughter, and only heir to over 9,000 acres of emerald-green fields, returns to the mansion where her father and stepmother died. Her gift of “seeing” begins to focus. Her mind’s eye watches her father being slaughtered and mother’s face explode as it’s blown across the room by the hollow-point bullets. Who was holding the gun?

Clarissa understands now it wasn't murder-suicide. It was a cruel, well-planned homicide, and the murderer is certain to be someone close. She has to find the killer before they realize she knows the truth. Forcing her mind's eye to produce the one thing the murderer wants, the prey becomes the predator.

After years of deceit and murder, the truth comes crashing in on them all.​

The Grudge exposes ENVY.  

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