YA Horror - Cat-Cops and the Secret Staircase

 A provocative modern allegory, Cat-Cops and the Secret Staircase takes the Chief of the Cat-Cops, Matt Kat, his wife and specifically his son, into Leonna Ratskull's world of drugs, disguises and death. 


Memoir - There Be Dragons

 ​When map makers came to the edge of their flat world they wrote, beyond this place there be dragons.  Women lie by omission, concealing life’s most pertinent information from one another, but the irony is we as women gave birth to the dragons by not revealing the truth. 

It’s our own fault that young women repeat old women’s mistakes.  They’ve never been told the truth of the path they are on.  That’s what we tell the world; that’s what we teach our daughters, nieces, granddaughters and girlfriends to believe through our own gender’s egregious lack of communication.  

It takes courage to stand up, strip off justifications, and expose the raw truth; courage to remove the final veil.  This continuous oppression that women are perpetuating upon ourselves is depraved.

Be forewarned.  I am not dispensing advice; just sharing events that I have lived through.  I am no one special.  I’m not famous or infamous.  I’ve lived life sometimes good sometimes bad much like everyone else that is trying to do their best, while other times merely trying to get through it.  I’m not a doctor or lawyer, however I am an expert on the subject of me which makes me the only person that can write this book.  

We are alike, you and me.  We just don’t talk about the rawness of growing up female.  And that is why there be dragons.

Take what you will from my stories. 

Come, let us slay the beasts.